August 17, 2021

Mums Who Inspire Us – Lauren Watson

In celebration of the recent launch of our post natal program – The 4th Trimester – we’ve caught up with some inspiring Peachy Mamas to pick their brains and have a REAL conversation. Here’s Lauren Watson, Senior Peaches Instructor, Pre/ post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist & founder of @innerglowpilates.


How old are your kids?

‍♀️ Ayla Rose 4.5 Years old , Noha Luca 4 months.

What was the worst piece of unsolicited advice you received either while pregnant or with a baby?

‍♀️ Sleep when your baby sleeps …. Any Mother knows this is so bloody hard! Especially 1st time Mums you are usually creepily staring at a sleeping baby… or weirdly enough you look at photos of them! As a second time Mum, this is the time you are hiding in the cupboard smashing a block of chocolate so the eldest one does not see you.

What surprised you most about the birthing process?

‍♀️ How bloody strong we are as woman! We are all amazing no matter how we birthed!

What was the hardest part about coming home from hospital?

‍♀️ I am going to answer this as a second time Mum; Dividing the time up between your new born and your first born is so hard, and the Mum guilt really sets in. You have this little bub who needs you 24/7, and a small human whose world as an only child has been turned upside down with a new family member – plus lets throw in living on hardly any sleep!


What saves your sleep as a parent?

‍♀️ COFFFEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hit me with the strong stuff. Also sharing the load – find a groove that suits you and your partner – such as try to get a block sleep at night even if it is only 2 hours while the other parent settles bub till you have to do the next feed.

What’s your guilty pleasure as a parent?

‍♀️ Having time by my self … even if it’s just getting up before everyone else and enjoying a hot coffee in peace.

What do you do now, as a mum, that you ‘swore you’d never do’?

‍♀️ Screen time hahaha – it’s a little life line as a second time Mum.

What advice do you wish you’d been given as a new mum?

‍♀️ Soak up the new born days! As much as it’s a challenge it’s such a special beautiful time.

What are your ‘can’t live without’ mummy products?

‍♀️ Love to Dream Swaddles , Haakaa cup, Yeti Water bottle, Yeti Coffee Cup.