We’re more than just a pilates studio

Our vibe is best described as a mix of a small town store – for welcoming factor, and an early 2000s club – for playlist cred. We don’t sell sandwiches or vodka tonics, but we give really good hugs. Oh… and workouts! Basically we’re a welcoming community of like-minded people who love to support each other on their journey to health and happiness.

Meet our founder Tori

Hello! T here, and if you’re reading this, you’re somewhat interested in our story – so I’m rather flattered you’ve found yourself on this page! As the founder and creative director of Peaches, I’ve written every word you’ll read across this website – as well as our social media and online platform.

My goal for Peaches from the very beginning was to set our brand apart from the often sterile approach to fitness. Why couldn’t movement be fun, inclusive, and a little bit tongue in cheek? What was stopping me from injecting some creativity into my health and wellness brand, and ditching the tired concepts of diet and exercise while I was at it?


Who was to say my clients couldn’t simultaneously want to kill their instructor during class but then need to update them on their personal life afterward? And so, Peaches was born. With the slightly left of field, but I believe succinct business mission statement (literally it’s written in our Staff Handbook) #MPFFA. Make. People. Feel. F*cking. Awesome.

I really hope your experience with Peaches has made you FFA. Thanks for joining us for the ride.

The Peaches method

The Peaches Method is based on changing your perception of Pilates. Our workouts will challenge you in the best possible way, without a clinical feel. No drawn out roll down series for 15 minutes before the class actually begins. No monotone instructors with the same levels of warmth and personality as a piece of cardboard. If you thought Pilates was ‘too easy’ or ‘too  boring’ for you, we’re here to change your mind.


Peaches is fun.

We make exercise something you actually look forward to.

Peaches is tough.

Our workouts will challenge muscles you never even knew you had.

Peaches is safe.

You won’t find yourself with yet another injury (from a poorly executed high impact move best left for olympians) after one of our classes; in fact, with consistency, you’ll find your old injuries, aches and pains will start to diminish!

Peaches is results driven.

With just a little dedication, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger, standing taller, and looking more toned than ever before. Just ask our cult members clan of converts – their results speak for themselves!

Peaches is modifiable.

Pregnant? We got you. Injured? Allow us to assist. Got a particular goal in mind? Let’s isolate those muscles in ways only Pilates can. Our boutique studios and dedicated online portal are about as far as you are gonna get from a big box gym. We’re here for a chat before or after class, to make you feel safe, and to ensure you get what you need from our classes. Come say hi.

Peaches is for Total Body Toning.

We use a combination of our most loved and trusted tools in our classes which are guaranteed to work you top to toe. No reformers needed – save ya-self the money and the space, and get down with us on the mat with a booty band, magic circle, ball, dumbbell, sliding disc and more.

Peaches is cheeky (pun intended).

For real, we had to at least mention the effect regular classes will have on your derriere. Words like ‘Juicy’, ‘Lifted’, ‘Strong’ and ‘My butt has honestly never looked so good in my entire life’ are thrown around by our members on the reg. Trust us, and thank us later.

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