The Peaches Method

The Peaches Method is based on changing your perception of Pilates. Our workouts will challenge you in the best possible way, without a clinical feel. No drawn out roll down series for 15 minutes before the class actually begins. No monotone instructors with the same levels of warmth and personality as a piece of cardboard. If you thought Pilates was ‘too easy’ or ‘too boring’ for you, we’re here to change your mind.

Peaches Pilates

The OG. The burn you’ve been looking for. The best place to start. Our signature Pilates class, curated by our founder Tori to be the best damn time you’ve had while lying on the floor (Or second best? Love that for you…).

Our Peaches Pilates class is focused on Total Body Toning – using deep muscle activation techniques that tick off all our must-haves: Low impact, Lengthening, Strengthening, and Postural alignment.

These classes can be taught with a tool or two, or entirely equipment free – the journey awaits you!

Suitable for pregnancy: Yes

Power Pilates

One of our most loved classes that marries the results of resistance training with the functionality of Pilates. A match made in heaven! Be ready to shake in this class, Peach.

Using dumbbells or ankle weights – or both, we combine traditional gym style movements with classic Pilates principles to help you build muscle, fast.

Not Suitable for pregnancy

Peaches Sweat

Looking to lift your heart rate? A class that will clear your pores out, make you hate us juuuust a little bit, then give you the biggest hit of endorphins once it’s over?

Welcome to Peaches Sweat. Our carefully created workout focuses on cardiac fitness – while never forgetting those core Pilates fundamentals. It’s the burn without the burnout. And you’re welcome.

Not Suitable for pregnancy

Total Body Barre

A barre class without the intricate and frankly intimating dancey bits. Hallelujah. We utilise the barre and basic dance postures (read: first position – not fourth position Arabesque) to target and tone the legs, core and arms like never before.

A truly dynamic class to challenge muscles that might otherwise have been getting away with the barre* minimum. PS – If you’re looking to get STRONG for something like a ski trip or a hike, this class will do wonders.

*Yep, we’re pretty into puns here. Barre with us.

Suitable for pregnancy: Yes

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