We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built in our community. See what our Peachy members say about us below.

Never have I been so toned or felt this good about my body. Peaches completely revolutionized the way I thought about exercise, I no longer dread working out & actually enjoy it!

Seeing amazing results is just an added bonus. Peaches has given me the gift of self-love & body confidence. Grateful for the amazing instructors and beautiful community – there’s nothing like the Peaches burn!

Laura Menzies
Peaches Cronulla

Since starting Peaches I’ve become a lot more toned, & my posture has improved. But more importantly, I’ve never felt better mentally! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful community!

Gwen Fritz
Peaches Cronulla

Joining Peaches has not only given me confidence but changed my lifestyle completely. I’m in love with MY body! I’m stronger, fitter & toned in all the right places. My waist & booty are transformed after just 6 months of training. Finding self-confidence is a constant challenge for women, & I can honestly say, Peaches has helped me on my journey to self love. Peaches feels like family!

Dominique Pendleton
Peaches Cronulla

Peaches to me is so much more than a workout. It’s a community so special that truly feels like home some days. The teachers are awesome but so are the members.

I started Peaches Maroubra when it was in Bec’s garage. My daughter was a few months old and hardly ever slept and I was a shell of a human but going to Pilates made me feel strong and like myself again. I also met so many great mothers there that were going through what I was going through.

With my second pregnancy I was very sick the entire time but those 45 minutes on the mat helped clear my head and focus on my body and strength. I practised right up until the day I went into labour and had a dream birth compared to my first one. My recovery was also a lot smoother and I was able to pick it up again 6 weeks postpartum.

Even on the days when I don’t feel like working out I go to peaches, not just for a sweat but a chat , support and genuine friendships.

Kelly Roman

I love Peaches because every class is different. I’ve never really enjoyed exercise before. It’s a great community and I feel stronger and healthier than ever.


Peaches has been a very important part of my life and health journey this last 18 months and especially the care and support from the instructors; Mia, Milly, Teah and Kumru especially.


I’m so glad I found out about Peaches Pilates – can’t recommend Tori enough. Such a fabulous trainer who really supports getting mummy bodies back on track. I was eagerly looking for a post natal fitness program that was designed for mums and was also safe. The Mums and Bubs classes ticked all the boxes for me and Tori is so great with the bubs during the workout, we never have to worry about them!

Lisa Macauley

Peaches 🍑❤️

Where do I even start, since joining peaches almost 6 months ago now, I can honestly say it has changed my life! Not only has my body become stronger, more toned and shown me I am capable of so much but I have connected with so many beautiful people along the way.

Each and everyone one of the teachers at peaches have created a space where I feel safe, comfortable and open to trying new things! Before peaches, you could not have paid me to step into any type of class whether it be at the gym or pilates. I have been blessed with the most beautiful people who make me believe I CAN do it! Yes it burns but I CAN do it.

I look forward to my peaches class every single day and I could never go anywhere else. You girls are the best!

Em Lambkin

Tori provides a fabulous array of fun and challenging workouts at Peaches Pilates! Her incredibly bubbly and beautiful personality makes the all over body burn the next day totally worth it! She is especially fabulous at tailoring her workouts to suit anyone and everyone and each time I visit it is a whole new and exciting experience!

Laura Jones

Love this studio! Peaches is a place of positively good vibes – for real! I was reluctant to join at first, because of my lower back issues, but Bec and the other instructors have been so supportive and helpful and I’ve not had any pain since going to this studio!

The teachers do some workouts that are designed to lift and tone in all the right places – paired with some funky tunes – you will feel the burn and it will have you wanting to come back for more!

If you are lucky enough to get there for a sunrise or sunset session , Peaches Pilates provides the perfect spot to watch it roll in, and start or end your day with an incredible view!

I highly recommend this place!

Alice Boshell

Peaches is the first place I’ve ever been where i actually look forward to going, even though I know I’m in for a solid workout!

The instructors are happy, passionate and so well educated on proper training techniques. The classes are small in size to ensure that you are guided on correct form and given adequate attention if unsure.

It really is the most beautiful community and the pilates classes are amazing!!

Lily Ibbotson

When the world got turned on it’s head as a result of COVID-19 and Melbourne remained in lockdown for longer than any other State in Australia, I was unsure of how I was going to keep my fitness up.

Having just had my wedding and being in the shape of my life (If I do say so myself) I was feeling lost as a result of the gyms being shut. Enter, Peaches Pilates and wow what an entrance it had! This online platform has been a saviour. The App is easy to use, there are little challenges you can complete each month and on top of all that, there are easy to follow recipes.

I can not recommend Peaches Pilates and the App nearly enough! Tori and Bec are amazing and also always willing to have a chat all things Pilates and/or life. Cannot wait until I can visit them both in studio 💕

V. Voulgaris

I don’t know how but the universe sent me Peaches when I needed it most. I came across the app 5 months PP, a week before we went into lockdown and I’ve been able to keep up my fitness and start building my strength back up to help me in my everyday mum life.

There are SO many workouts available I can just choose what I need at the time. Some days I do 15 mins, other days I treat myself to 3x 20 minute series or a long 40 min workout. For someone who is used to high intensity CrossFit style workouts, peaches Pilates has been a nice but challenging change for me. Loving it 💖

Tegan Bianca

Peaches online is hands down the only fitness/lifestyle/wellbeing companion that you could ever need. You seriously don’t need to do anything else to keep yourself fit, healthy and in the know.

The workouts are legit and you are sore and sweaty and move your body like no other exercise program.

The recipes are so varied and delicious and these girls pour their hearts and souls into their platform, and it shows. Peaches goes with me everywhere, knowing your fitness is always covered.

Even if you only have 10 minutes, you feel like you’ve done your “work” for the day. Love what you do guys. Thank you.

Martina Nichola

I have a huge amount of weight to loss since having two kids close together 30 kg total. So far with this app within 3 months of daily work outs and stretches I have manage to lose 10kg however the best bit it’s the toning up that I have been able to do while losing the weight.

The waist has re appeared and I have shape even thou I am still plus size. And the best but is I never work out more then 40 mins a day in the comfort of my own home.

I would highly recommend this to any new mum or toddler mum like me as it fits in with your busy life and the results do happen!

Natasha Alice

I wanted to say a huge thank you for changing my life for the better, I’ve always wanted to be that girl that loved working out, I would enjoy it but never stick with it because it wasn’t for me, until a friend put me onto peaches. I get up each morning excited to do a workout.

Not only do I see a change in my body which is great! But I feel so much stronger for it, I feel so motivated after each session and it puts me in the best mind frame to start my day.

So thank you so much for the best Pilates classes ever!

Sarah Richmond