We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built in our community. See what our Peachy members say about us below.

“Never have I been so toned or felt this good about my body. Peaches completely revolutionized the way I thought about exercise, I no longer dread working out & actually enjoy it!

Seeing amazing results is just an added bonus. Peaches has given me the gift of self-love & body confidence. Grateful for the amazing instructors and beautiful community – there’s nothing like the Peaches burn!”

Laura menzies, peaches Cronulla

“Since starting Peaches I’ve become a lot more toned, & my posture has improved. But more importantly, I’ve never felt better mentally! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful community!”

Gwen Fritz, peaches Cronulla

“Joining Peaches has not only given me confidence but changed my lifestyle completely. I’m in love with MY body! I’m stronger, fitter & toned in all the right places. My waist & booty are transformed after just 6 months of training. Finding self-confidence is a constant challenge for women, & I can honestly say, Peaches has helped me on my journey to self love. Peaches feels like family!”

Dominique Pendleton, peaches Cronulla