January 12, 2024

Peaches Pilates: Pilates Classes In Bondi

Welcome to the original Peachy haven nestled in the heart of the Bondi bubble! Our OG studio on Bondi Rd has been crafting booties and tightening Pilates corsets since 2016, earning a stellar reputation among locals and enthusiasts alike. As you step onto the mat, you’ll understand why Peaches Pilates Bondi is synonymous with transformative Pilates experiences.

The Peaches Method

At Peaches Bondi, we’re on a mission to redefine your Pilates experience. Say goodbye to the clinical feel, tedious roll-down series, and uninspiring instructors. With the Peaches Method, we aim to challenge you in the best possible way, injecting warmth, personality, and a touch of sass into every class. If you ever thought Pilates was too easy or too dull, prepare for a mind-blowing shift.


Peaches Pilates

  • The OG – your go-to for the ultimate burn and Total Body Toning.
  • Deep muscle activation techniques for low impact, lengthening, strengthening, and postural alignment.
  • Suitable for pregnancy: Yes

Power Pilates

  • Resistance training meets Pilates functionality.
  • Shake things up with dumbbells or ankle weights.
  • Not Suitable for pregnancy

Peaches Sweat

  • Lift your heart rate, clear your pores, and embrace the endorphin rush.
  • A carefully crafted workout focusing on cardiac fitness without the burnout.
  • Not Suitable for pregnancy

Total Body Barre

  • Barre class minus the intimidating dancey bits.
  • Utilises the barre and basic dance postures for targeted toning.
  • Suitable for pregnancy: Yes


Week Trial

  • Dive into an unlimited week of classes exclusively for new clients.
  • Test the Peachy waters and decide to join the cult of love.

Class Packs & Memberships

  • Opt for single classes for ultimate flexibility or choose value-packed class packs.
  • Unlock the benefits of our $55/pw unlimited membership for frequent visits.

Mums N Bubs

  • Reconnect with your body, especially the old core and pelvic floor, post-pregnancy.
  • Choose from a single session, a class pack, or a membership.

Peaches Pilates Bondi is more than just a Pilates studio; it’s a hub for sculpting bodies, fostering community, and embracing a healthier, Peachier lifestyle. With convenient packages and a vibrant studio atmosphere, discover your perfect balance of fitness and fun at Peaches Bondi. Join us for a week trial and experience the Peachy revolution in the heart of the Bondi bubble!