January 12, 2024

Peaches: Pilates Studio In Fitzroy

Step into the unique and enchanting world of Peaches Pilates Fitzroy, where fitness meets industrial chic in the heart of Melbourne. Our Fitzroy studio, housed in a converted apartment with exposed brick for days, is undeniably the jewel of the Peaches network. With original ceilings adding a touch of history to the space, this studio beckons you to Pilates Paradise via the charming King William St entrance.

Industrial Charm

Caution – stairs ahead! As you ascend the steep staircase, you’ll be greeted by the captivating charm of exposed brick walls, setting the stage for an unforgettable Pilates experience. The Fitzroy studio effortlessly blends modern fitness with the industrial aesthetic, creating an atmosphere that feels more like a welcoming home than a workout space.

Open Seven Days a Week

Your Pilates fix awaits you seven days a week at Peaches Fitzroy, Peach! Equipped with everything you need, including all the necessary Pilates gear, there’s no need to bring your own mat. Conveniently located along Brunswick St, the studio also offers bathroom facilities, a shower, and a steady supply of caffeinated beverages for your post-workout relaxation.

What to Bring

While we’ve got the essentials covered, we kindly ask you to bring your own sockies (check out our adorable grip socks for sale!), a water bottle, and, most importantly, a happy attitude. That positive outlook will be your secret weapon to conquer the last 10 reps of our challenging oblique series. Trust us; the exposed brick charm and original ceilings will make the journey worthwhile!

Pilates Paradise Awaits

At Peaches Pilates Fitzroy, we’ve turned a converted apartment into a fitness sanctuary that transcends the ordinary. Join us for invigorating workouts, charming aesthetics, and a supportive community that encourages you to unleash your inner peachiness. Whether you’re a Fitzroy local or just passing through, our studio invites you to experience Pilates in a space that feels like home. Get ready to climb the stairs and enter Pilates Paradise – your fitness haven in the heart of Fitzroy!