April 22, 2024

Peaches Pilates: Pilates Classes in Dee Why

Welcome to Peaches Pilates Dee Why, your newest Pilates sanctuary flooded with natural light and nestled in the heart of Dee Why. Conveniently situated near a charming cafe, our stunning studio is positioned at the corner of Pacific Parade and Howard Avenue, providing easy accessibility and an ideal location for your fitness journey. For all the coffee enthusiasts, fret not – the café culture is right around the corner. Engage in a Pilates session before brunch and savour the coastal charm of Dee Why.

The Peaches Method

At Peaches Dee Why, we’re dedicated to transforming your perception of Pilates. No more clinical atmospheres or prolonged roll-down series. Bid farewell to monotony; our instructors bring warmth, personality, and a touch of Peachy charm to every workout. If you’ve ever thought Pilates was too easy or mundane, be prepared to change your perspective.


Peaches Pilates 

  • The original – where intensity meets serenity.
  • Focused on Total Body Toning with advanced muscle activation techniques.
  • Suitable for pregnancy: Yes

Power Pilates 

  • A perfect blend of resistance training and Pilates functionality.
  • Add some spice with dumbbells or ankle weights.
  • Not Suitable for pregnancy

Peaches Sweat

  • Boost your heart rate and refresh your pores.
  • A thoughtfully designed workout balancing cardiovascular fitness with core Pilates fundamentals.
  • Not Suitable for pregnancy

Total Body Barre

  • Barre class without the intimidating dancey bits.
  • Utilises the barre and fundamental dance postures for targeted toning.
  • Suitable for pregnancy: Yes


Week Trial

  • Indulge in an unlimited week of classes as a new client.
  • Immerse yourself in the Peachy experience and uncover your fitness haven.

Class Packs & Memberships

  • Choose from individual classes or cost-effective class packs.
  • Unlock the perks of our $55 per week unlimited membership for frequent visits.

Mums N Bubs

  • Reconnect with your body, particularly the core and pelvic floor, post-pregnancy.
  • Opt for single sessions, class packs, or memberships.

Peaches Dee Why invites you to embrace Pilates in a coastal oasis. Join us for an unlimited week trial, explore our diverse class offerings, and become part of the Peachy community. With convenient packages and a welcoming studio ambiance, discover the perfect blend of fitness and coastal allure at Peaches Dee Why.