Level 1, 136 Cronulla St

Cronulla 2230

Our first official franchise, owned by one of our longest-standing team members, Kat.


Come get Peachy in the Shire in our beautiful light-filled space, just opposite Cronulla Station.


New to the studio? Try our UNLIMITED week trial for $39 and get access to over 30 classes, 7 days a week. Take your pick from Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Cardio Pilates, Mums & Bubs. 



How did you become

a Peach?

Fresh off the boat from England I was on the hunt for a studio that wasn’t too big and where I could get to know people. Enter Peaches! I fell in love with the combo of Pilates, that switched on muscles I never knew I had, and Boxing that made

me feel "badass".


After a few months, I felt stronger than ever before and it was also a great laugh. Fast forward 3 years and now I'm living my own Peaches dream!

What is your best tip for fitness results?

Sleep, rest and recovery are just as important as working out. 

Don’t just think about using your muscles when you’re “working out”; keep your T-zone switched on when you’re walking, engage your glutes when you go upstairs. It all adds up. 

Even if you only have 15mins MOVE! And even if it's just a boogie around your house to your fave tunes.

What attracted you to Own Your Own PEACHES?

I was lucky enough to be a Peaches instructor in the early stages of the business, and saw first-hand the potential Peaches had, both as a brand but also as a community of like-minded people. The approach to fitness aligned perfectly with my personal values; it's all about working your Peach off, but also having a great time whilst you do.


There is zero BS or pretension, which is very much needed in a world saturated with fake #fitspo influencers... So when I made the decision to leave the corporate world and focus on Pilates, Peaches was the obvious choice.

PHOTO-2020-06-24-15-41-17 2.jpg

So far, what has been the best part of the PEACHES journey for you?

All of the support that I have received has been staggering and very humbling. Firstly from the Peaches team; Tori, Bec & Chris have been extremely supportive from the start. Secondly from the local community! I spring out of bed when my alarm goes off at 5am (!), knowing that I'm going to teach and be around such a lovely

bunch of people.


And last, but not least, my partner Matt who celebrates all of my achievements with me (big or small!)