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THE MAT is finally here!

Say goodbye to cheap, crumbly mats – our lush natural rubber based babies are topped with a durable, slip resistant PU surface which means you’ll feel stable and supported while Getting Peachy with us. Not only are our new Peaches Mats stunning to look at, they have a dense 5mm body which is resistant to wear and tear. Perfect on both hard or soft surfaces, our mats are a generous 183cm long, and 68cm wide.

How to look after THE MAT

Treat your Peaches mat with TLC – the best way to clean this puppy is with a damp cloth soaked in a gentle, very diluted cleaning solution. We recommend using a spray bottle of water with just a splash of vinegar. Avoid using alcohol cleaners, oils, acids or bleach.

Some friendly tips

  • While The Mat loves the outdoors, like any well behaved Peach she’s not into sunbaking. Avoiding prolonged sun exposure means you can skip the risk of drying out her beautiful natural rubber bottom and grippy surface.
  • The Mat likes to be rolled when stored, not folded – fine lines and all that.
  • Wiping away sweat marks from your hands and feet which may contain oils, acidic substances or creams will prevent them breaking down her grippy surface over time.

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