Peaches caters to pregnant women and postnatal women! 

80% of our classes are safe for pregnancy, and we also offer post-natal classes for our Peachy Mums - where you can BYO bub.


Get fit and strong, as well as alleviate common aches and pains associated with pregnancy - or motherhood.


Our mums'n'bubs classes are set up in a relaxed manner - with cuddles and help with your little ones gladly given. Our sessions are intimate and a time for new mothers to connect, without having to worry about organising childcare.

Age limit:

Bubs are welcome until crawling - this is usually anywhere

from 6-9 months.

House rules:

Please bring bub ready for your 45-minute class. We kindly ask that besides bottle or boobie milk, you do not feed your child in the studio.

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Manisha Chauhan,

Mums n Bubs Member

Peaches Pilates is a great space for mum & baby classes, and their team are fatastic instructors, who create such a relaxed vibe so that working out is actually fun. The postnatal programme was just what I needed to get me exercising post baby, it’s a chilled & supportive environment which is exactly what you need as a new mum!


Emily Wilson,

Mums n Bubs Member


I've literally never stuck to a gym class for longer than a couple of weeks in my life 'till Peaches. The studio is beautiful & intimate, the instructors are all really friendly & knowledgable about what postpartum exercises will work best for each mum individually, plus they settle the babies when they crack it so we can keep working out. I feel stronger & fitter than I did before having my baby so whatever they are doing is 100% working! 


Lisa Macauley,

Mums n Bubs Member

I'm so glad I found out about Peaches Pilates - can't recommend them enough. The team are such fabulous trainers, who really support getting mummy bodies back on track. I was eagerly looking for a postnatal fitness program that was designed for mums & was also safe. The Mums and Bubs classes ticked all the boxes for me, & the instructors are so great with the bubs during the workout, we never have to worry about them!