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Join us in our 12 Week Post Natal Program. Designed to guide you from your very first movements post bub, to getting a sweat on in a safe, satisfying and fun way!

Created by our team of experts, including Peaches Pilates Co Owner and new mum Bec Chidiac, Peaches Pilates Founder and (pregnant) doula Tori Clapham, Expert Women's physio Emma Jackson, Senior Peaches Instructor and Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Lauren Watson.

We're here to help you feel supported during your Fourth Trimester. 

Forget 'Bouncing Back' - your new identity as a mother is so much more exciting - bounce FORWARD with us and discover just how strong you are during our guided program. Each week, follow a daily calendar designed to ease you into post natal fitness - signed off on from Bec and Tori's personal Women's physio, Emma Jackson!


Have a caesarean? Senior Peaches Pilates Instructor Lauren Watson has your back with speciality c-section workouts, as well as a scar management workshop.


You'll also have access to Physio Emma's post natal workshops, providing expert advice on recovering from birth, regaining mobility and understanding your pelvic floor.


We're here to help you feel supported during your Fourth Trimester. See you on the mat!


What's Included for only $19.99 / month?

Daily Calendars for every week of your 4th Trimester


Speciality postnatal workouts addressing the TA and Pelvic floor, Abdominal Separation and more.


Expert Physio and Nutritionist workshops.


Caesarean focussed workouts and scar management workshop.


Yin Yoga for new mums


Guided Meditations


Easy Meals For Mums ebook


Abdominal Separation ebook


'Can't live without' product recommendations


Tips from inspiring mums such as Anna Lahey & Leigh Campbell


Physio recovery sheet


Badass Mamas Affirmation Sheet


Plus access to our entire online platform!