Kicks off 17th May

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Rebuild your fitness, find confidence in your new role as mother, and connect with other mums in a safe  & relaxed environment.


Recovery themed classes for you to choose from each week, plus expert led workshops in baby massage, physio recovery and grounding meditation.


How much is the Post Natal Peach Program?

When does it start?

The program kicks off Monday 17th May.

How old should my baby be?

We recommend joining our program if your baby is 8 weeks old or over. Some women will need longer before they can join us, depending on their birth, personal needs etc.​

What will the classes be?

Program participants will have access to unlimited classes - we recommend they aim to attend three sessions a a week of their choice. 


Mondays: Rebuilding your core strength and treating separation - Pilates mat and balance work.


Tuesdays:  Upper body strength and core - Pilates mat + lighter weights


Wednesdays: Strengthening and reconnecting with the Pelvic floor - Pilates mat and barre work.


Thursday: Booty and Balance focus - Pilates mat in similar style to Booty Camp and include balance work


Fridays: Postnatal fitness and weight loss - integrative workouts using a fusion of dumbbells, sliders and resistance bands within Pilates and Barre work.


What are the planned workshops?

  • Baby Massage 

  • Physio led Pelvic Floor Workshop

  • Grounding Post Natal Guided Meditation

Are there any extras?

  • Free 'Easy Meals For Mums' ebook written by Tori, including her go-to Doula recipes

  • Discounts to our favourite brands for mummies!

How do I book classes?
Book via our Mindbody system as usual - the easiest is way is by using our free app on your phone. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment - classes will be limited to 6 mums. A new Peach? Set up an account after picking a studio here.

How do I see the schedule?
The easiest is way to check out the schedule is by using our free app on your phone. 

What if I am a beginner?
Every Peaches class welcomes all levels of fitness, including beginners. We will offer adjustments in every class. 

What if I my birth was difficult/I have post natal injuries?
Once you have signed up for our program, we will be in touch to discuss how old your baby is, what kind of birth you had, any injuries you may be dealing with etc. Don't fret, mama - our studios have seen it all, from caesareans to prolapses, abdominal separation to episiotomies. If we are able to accomodate you, we will - in some cases you may be best cared for in the hands of an expert women's physio, in which case we can refer you, and see you for classes when the time is right.