Sporteluxe article: Rebuild Your Core After Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with A LOT of changes, both physically and mentally. You feel different, you look different—but the best part about what we’re discussing below is the fact that the right type of exercise can help with boosting your confidence in both areas.

Abdominal separation is an extremely common occurrence from pregnancy, and lots of women have it without realising. It’s not dangerous or going to affect your everyday life, but in severe cases, it can be upsetting and even somewhat disfiguring for women.

Even for those who have a mild version, diastasis can cause frustration when wanting to tone up after having a baby, and it can certainly prolong the journey to feeling like your old-self again. Pilates is a fantastic and targeted way to encourage your abdominals to bounce back, and ditch the ‘mummy tummy’.

Click the image to find out what you need to know about abdominal separation and what you can do about it...

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