Six Tips To Surviving Solo Living in #Lockdown

Over the past two years and largely thanks to our great friend COVID-19, I have found myself living alone for long periods of time. This may seem like a silly one to some but for the few like myself, who are stuck on their own and not ready/ not loving it (I HATE it), here is a little survival guide that gets me through.

Importantly, I want you to take each day hour by hour and be gentle, kind and understanding with yourself. I say this because one minute I am fan-bloody-tastic, I’ve caught up with friends, I’ve been in the sun, I was busy with work and then BAM… I’m alone, it’s quiet and here come the neg thoughts. I would get super angry at myself for crying and not being strong enough but you know what, it is tough and no one else understands how you (there is no one else like you) are feeling.

I like to use these simple tips to save me from a meltdown or to try and prevent one but just remember, it’s ok to feel sad. Please let yourself feel all the emotions, including the good ones. My family call me Polyanna because ever since I was little I have enjoyed playing the Glad Game,

1. Tunes

Find a playlist that fits your mood. Sometimes I feel like singing along, putting my feet up the wall for a quick twerk, crying a little, or sometimes I just need background noise. This will make your home feel less empty; it distracts you from your thoughts and can brighten your mood in a dark moment. Let the music distract you!

2. Get Sweaty (preferably Peachy)

As you know, here at Peaches we are fans of that endorphin rush. Nothing makes you feel better than a quick sweat. Ask a friend to join you for this! OR, we are right being the screen chatting away when you workout with us online, maybe send us a message on Insta. We love to hear from you! Prioritise yourself. Feeling good physically can only result in a positive mental state.

3. Find a routine and stick to it

During the week I set my alarm for 6am every morning. I do this for a few reasons. Firstly, there is nothing better than starting your day with a sunrise, stretching, a coffee or just a moment on the couch to enjoy the quiet. Secondly, waking up early means I tend to be more tired by the evening, meaning a good nights sleep! Bedtime is the same, jump into bed at the same time every night, read your book, have your peppermint tea, or just lie with your legs up the wall to de-stress! Routine gives each day purpose, which essentially, keeps us sane!

4. Dive into the pages

Bedtime brings me to point number four, find a fantastic book! How wonderful is that feeling on being completely absorbed in a book. Being taken away to a different place, no other explanation needed. Another little trick that got me through was writing a journal. Whenever my thoughts were overwhelming me I wrote down a few dot points. This is also amazing as you don’t then put all of your emotions on your loved ones – they are not always an accurate representation of how you’re truly feeling.

5. Set Facetime Rules

Obviously Facetime is INCREDIBLE - but be careful. I had to set some boundaries with my video calls. My partner was calling me around 9pm (my bedtime), and this was great as I could say goodnight... then notice he wasn’t in bed next to me and within moments, the tears would flow… great. SO - may I suggest - no Facetime immediately before bed, you are tired and emotional, and bed time during the endless hours of lockdown is already hard to structure. See your loved ones over dinner, and find yourself a nice bedtime routine to delve into.

Lastly, Peach and my favourite tip of all...

6. Every morning & evening look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I am strong, I am brave, I am loved and I CAN f**king DO THIS”