My screen time is through the roof- 5 tips to help you get your hand off it!

It’s happened to all of us. We notice that cool new section in our settings, ‘Screen Time’, let’s switch it on and see. Sunday morning comes and wow… what the actual f**k. Four hours, six hours, EIGHT hours. We have seen it all. The horror, the guilt, the “how did that happen?” It is honestly terrifying how many hours we spend on our phone and I don’t need to give you any explanation as to why we should lower that number.

Never fear, we can make this better. My tips are simple, to the point and they work.

Firstly, start your day aiming for success. When you hear your alarm in the morning, turn the alarm off and do not open your phone. Leave it by the bed, get up, wash your face, make a coffee, write in your journal, or go to the gym without it. You DO NOT need to look at Instagram first thing in the morning. When we wake up we are in a parasympathetic state (relaxed calm), please don’t get yourself riled up for no reason.

Leave it alone. Leave your phone while you go to the supermarket, on your walk or simply put your phone in another room while you work, chat to your partner, workout, hang with your kids or make dinner etc. Not only does this help your screen time, you will also become present in whatever it is you are doing. You will be able to give your full self to your task.

Turn off notifications from social media. No explanation needed. You will notice that to begin with, you will search for that hit. You will check Insta or FB multiple times hoping for a new message or like – it’s not going to be there and also, it can wait!

Move / delete apps on your screen – it’s scary how many times you will go to tap where the app was! This will be enough for you to acknowledge how often you are opening your phone and app searching for NO REASON.

Don’t obsess. At the end of the day, it is what it is and you are the only person who can change your patterns, habits and mindset. Life is all about being mindful, making conscious decisions and being self-aware.