Mums Who Inspire Us - Loren Burton

In celebration of the recent launch of our post natal program - The 4th Trimester - we’ve caught up with some inspiring Peachy Mamas to pick their brains and have a REAL conversation. Here’s @selflovewithloren - founder of The Self Care school, model, and mummy to three beautiful boys.

🍑How old are your boys? 👩🏾6, 8 & 10 ❤️ 🍑What was the worst piece of unsolicited advice you received either while pregnant or with a baby? 👩🏾I can’t think of a specific example but I always took other peoples’ advice with a grain of salt because I trusted that, even though I was figuring it out as I went along, I still knew what was best for my baby, more than anyone else. I also knew that people were just trying to help - even though it did get annoying hearing different advice from so many different people. 🍑What surprised you most about the birthing process? 👩🏾How amazingly well epidurals work!! To be honest the whole birthing process was a surprise to me. I was the first one of my friends to give birth so I had no clue what I was in for. Just seeing what the human body is capable of was so amazing to me. Also the recovery process! I didn’t know you bleed for a month after giving birth. That was definitely a shock. 🍑What was the hardest part about coming home from hospital? 👩🏾My second son had complications after his birth and had to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks. What surprised me was that I couldn’t stay with him. I thought the hospital would have somewhere for mothers to sleep while their babies needed critical care, but no. I had to leave him in the hospital. Leaving your baby in hospital after giving birth is the worst experience and I feel for every mum that has to go through that. 🍑What saves your sleep as a parent? 👩🏾Now that my kids are a bit older, sleep deprivation is not really an issue anymore, but co-sleeping definitely saved me when they were babies. 🍑What's your guilty pleasure as a parent? 👩🏾Eating their Halloween & Easter candy 😂 🍑What do you do now, as a mum, that you 'swore you'd never do'? 👩🏾I swore I would never give my babies a dummy that didn’t last very long! 🍑 What advice do you wish you'd been given as a new mum? 👩🏾When they were babies I used to love the Jurlique baby Calming massage oil. They loved being rubbed down after a bath and made bedtime so much more relaxed for both of us! I also couldn’t live without my breastfeeding pillow. Now that they’re older I still use essential oils for them to help settle and sleep and when they have a cold. Also, Hand sanitizer and baby wipes! Even though my boys are big, I still buy baby wipes. I don’t know how I ever lived without them