5 Things We Should Be Learning In School

Used calculus lately? Neither have we... Why is it that most of us leave school with a profound understanding of the photosynthesis process or that Calcium is 20th on the periodic table of elements but nobody tells you that your small business will need to pay GST?

Algebra was drilled into us daily, and kids can find the value of 'x' in a complex equation but wouldn't learning the basics of CPR be far more valuable? While many of the traditional topics in schools are obviously designed to lay the foundations for a range of career pathways surely we should also be teaching our kids about... life?

Tax, everything about tax

Why are we not told about the process of filing an annual tax return? Or that the GST threshold is $75,000 annually and that exceeding this amount will result in a requirement to lodge and pay your quarterly BAS. Instead Business Studies and Economics classes are structured around your future career as the CEO of a multinational conglomerate even though you'll likely be buying coffees and taking notes for the first three years of your employment after completing a 4 year university degree.

How to cook a few simple, healthy meals

I honestly think this alone would put a massive dent in the strain on the public health system. If every kid left school with a handful of healthy recipes and a basic knowledge of cooking from scratch with real, raw ingredients they would have a skill for life that they'd use from share house to family dinner. Food and flavour bring so much joy to the world in all of our different cultures. Nobody tells our youth that the right fuel will make them feel better, be more productive and live longer.

FYI check out the recipe section of our online program if your after a few.

How to evaluate information on the internet and make an informed decision on its validity

I once questioned a person on their very interesting views around vaccination and their response was incredibly aggressive "I have done over 300 hours of reading on this topic at the Sydney University Library". 300 hours? That is the equivalent of 7 weeks of full time university study. This person was making important health choices for themselves and their children based on roughly 6% of an undergrad qualification - with no guidance, no understanding of cognitive bias (we like to read things we already agree with) and all the while disregarding the hundreds of thousands of hours of research done by much smarter people. BUT - before you snigger - most of us are making similar decisions on a daily basis from a single internet article or Youtube video. Kids should be taught the importance of sources, critical thinking and scientific consensus.

How to change a tyre

Everyone's first tyre change is on the side of a freeway, in the rain, 20 minutes after their meeting started. Why not do it when you get your P's on a sunny day in the school car park?

Compound interest and how wealthy it will make you if you start now

I remember getting my hands on $1,000 in my late teens and thinking I could spend it on fun and antics for the whole of 2002. If I had invested that $1,000 in a fund that generated an 8% return per annum and added just $50 a week to it - I would have over $130,000 today. Around $80k of that being earned interest. That's a deposit on a house vs a new exhaust system for my 1985 VL Commodore. FYI if I did the exact same thing but waited a while and started 10 years later - I'd only have $40,000 today.

What have I missed? Let us know in the comments below.