August 30, 2021

The Lash And Brow Serum We Swear By

What is it?: Bondi Boost – Lash and Brow Serum

How much is it?: $39.95

Where did we buy it?: Online

Why we love it:

Unfortunately, unlike some women I have very short and fine eyelashes. I’ve tried multiple eyelash growth serums that leave my eyes red as well as fake lashes that are just too extra for me. I’ve always been self conscious about my short lashes as it makes me feel a bit boyish and like my face isn’t feminine.

After my wedding I found this lash and brow serum and it is honestly AMAZING! My lashes are long and strong now without irritated eyes. It’s super simple to use with just one application needed either in the AM or PM before mascara.

It’s very light, has no weird smell and doesn’t sting your eyes. I use this serum and get regular lash lifts, which make my eyelashes super long and pretty.

This product makes me feel like a pretty and feminine version of myself and I freak out if I forget it. Try it out ladies!

Laura xx