August 28, 2021

Mums Who Inspire Us – Jess Ridley

In celebration of the recent launch of our post natal program – The 4th Trimester – we’ve caught up with some inspiring Peachy Mamas to pick their brains and have a REAL conversation. Here’s Jess Ridley – TV Journalist, presenter & writer.

How old is your son?

Frank Barry turned one in May!

What was the worst piece of unsolicited advice you received either while pregnant or with a baby?

‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ … It’s a lovely concept. And in some cultures, all the women of the family take over the household chores, so that the new mum only has three tasks – feed the baby, feed herself, and rest. My whole family is on the other side of the country, so I wasn’t afforded that luxury. There is always stuff to do. I’m washing bottles, repacking nappy bags, folding washing while putting on three more loads, ordering an online food shop, having a shower (if I’m lucky!) So if someone offers up this pearl of wisdom, reply with “Sure! When are you coming over to do the chores while I sleep?”

What surprised you most about the birthing process?

I guess I wasn’t prepared for the prospect of having an emergency C-section. So I still have little twangs of disappointment that I didn’t deliver naturally. If you’re hell bent on a natural birth, you really do need to brace for the likelihood that intervention might be necessary. I also went in with preeclampsia at 36 weeks and was induced to have Frank early term. That whole process went over a few days. It felt a bit weird not to go into labour and have your waters break like the movies.

What was the hardest part about coming home from hospital?

Not having access to all the lovely painkillers.

But aside from that, heading home was bliss. My room was like a train station for a week, with medical staff coming and going at all hours to check on my blood pressure. I had hit a massive wall and needed to sleep in my own bed.

What saves your sleep as a parent?

I got the Headspace app for some meditations when I was in hospital. But now its sole purpose is to play Frank the ‘Laundromat’ white noise track. If he’s restless in the middle of the night, this will settle him straight back down. Also if you have a fur baby who likes to sleep in your room, it’s OK to shut them out in the hall sometimes. This makes the world of difference for us!

What’s your guilty pleasure as a parent?

A good glass of red wine. Any night of the week.

What do you do now, as a mum, that you ‘swore you’d never do’?

I didn’t really have any sworn rules. Although my husband and I have said in the past we don’t want our kids to be glued to devices when we’re at cafes etc. But we’re yet to enter the toddler phase, so we will see if that sticks. I am appreciating the other perspective of parents who use it to get a couple of minutes of peace to eat a meal and have an adult conversation.

What advice do you wish you’d been given as a new mum?

You cannot do it all. If you try to do it all, you won’t enjoy any of it. I’m learning that myself.

What are your ‘can’t live without’ mummy products?

I really love any of Lovekins baby skincare range. They are just gorgeous.

For me, I swear by the IT Cosmetics CC cream with 50+ SPF coverage.

Also Tarte Cosmetics creaseless concealer. That stuff is miraculous!!