February 1, 2022

If You Want Your Year To Be Better – Make Each Day Better

There’s no hiding the fact that the last two years have really taken their toll on us – one way or another. When New Year’s Day arrived in 2021, we felt that things could only get better from here – but things didn’t exactly go to plan. Then this year, the same thing happened – enter Covid outbreak #237823. The thing is, New Year’s Day is really just another day on the calendar. However, it symbolises ‘new beginnings’ – which then of course puts pressure on us to set goals that are usually unrealistic.

Each year will always bring its challenges and obstacles, but when you throw a pandemic into the mix, you’re guaranteed that things might not run as smoothly as you had first envisioned. Regretfully, we are still in a pandemic era: it’s time to accept that things are not going to return to how they once were any time soon, but we HAVE learnt to pivot, and we have been given a whole new lesson on resilience.

I was fortunate enough to spend ten days away just after New Year with my fiancé and son, where I unplugged from social media, news updates and television. We spent our days in nature – reconnecting with each other – a reminder for me personally, that the simple things in life are what bring the best out in me. It got me thinking about the goals I want to achieve and the intentions I would need to set for the year to make it happen.

Intentions and goals are two different things. Goals are future focused, practical achievements you want to accomplish – a destination – such as a promotion at work. An intention goes a little deeper than that. It’s about the journey you take to get there. They remind you of the bigger perspective, and how you want the process to feel along the way to your goal.

I have some big goals this year, mainly based around our company’s success. But the only way I am going to achieve them is to set intentions that will keep me in line with my values: i need to consider my emotional and physical capacity, to help me stay motivated and inspired. Each month I hope to check in and see if my intentions – not my goals – are on track. Because if they are, then usually I find things fall into place not long after.

Here are a few of my intentions:

  • I intend to bring some form of mindfulness into each day
  • I intend to celebrate the small wins
  • I intend to be more present with my family and friends
  • I intend to be more focused at work
  • I intend to embrace all of me

Now it’s your turn. Find space today or this week to light a candle, make a tea, find an area at home or outside where you feel peaceful, and write down your goals and intentions. You got this, Peach!