September 29, 2022

A reminder for when you’re comparing your Peach to another

Hey Peach,

How often do you get caught in the trap of comparing your healthy habits, your body or your exercise routine to another? How many times have you tried a diet fad because you saw it ‘worked’ for someone else? How often have you felt down on yourself because you don’t think you mirror the impossibly perfect (yet likely highly curated) image you’ve seen an acquaintance post on instagram?

Comparison can not only be the thief of all joy, but often it can also be the thief of all health. If you’re part of the Peachy Fam, we know you are on a journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you – and we are here to help you make that happen. So today, we are giving it to you straight: comparing yourself will hold you back.

Most of us know that comparison makes us feel like sh*t – yet, we struggle to give it up. So we thought we would share three tips below that can help you kick it to the curb.

Listen to yourself

Gurl, we want to save you the time – no crazy diet, no ‘what I eat in a day’, no food group restriction that your neighbour or the girl you follow is doing, is going to give you long term results. We can become so distracted by the marketing and influencing thrown in our faces daily, that we lose touch with ourselves. Put those blinders on and focus on what feels good for YOU (your body will tell you). When we simply focus on our own unique needs, and what works for us, we find a perfect flow that removes stress and tension and allows our body to flow happily. Your body will tell you when it’s hungry, when it’s full, when it’s dehydrated, what foods make it thrive etc. So tune in! 

Make your social media a happy place

Comparison is literally at the tips of our fingers. With one click on our mobile device, and we are served with millions of images and lifestyles to compare our own to. But the truth is, Peach, you have the power! It’s held in your ability to CHOOSE who to follow and what you see. So take 5 minutes with us now to curate your Instagram feed to make you feel inspired, educated and happy. Unfollow the accounts that make you second guess yourself. Mute the influencer who made you think you should shave your arms, even though it was something you’d never considered until you saw their recent (sponsored) post for women’s razors. This one is up to you.

It’s your journey

Now is the time to remind ourselves of the journey. It can be easy to look at people’s highlight reels or body transformations and beat ourselves up because we aren’t at their illustrious point. So when that imposter syndrome and doubt begin to sneak up on you, remind yourself of your journey – a road that is perfect for you, your growth and what you need to learn. We so easily forget that we are comparing our behind the scenes to someone else’s curated feed. Or the beginning of our fitness goals to the end of another’s. So find perspective, be mindful that everyone has a different path and then focus on making your journey enjoyable for you!

We’re finishing this journal entry with one of our favourite quotes by Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Now, go get it, Peach! Be the best version of YOU, and no one else!