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Founder of Peaches, and as the person who edits this website, one grateful human to have you, dear reader!

I sat down with myself to discuss female

empowerment this IWD.

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My girls are the reason I feel safe enough to be exactly who I am, with no filter.

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Equality means respect. Respecting the rights, opinions and choices of a PERSON, regardless of their sex.


Who put their sisterly hand down to help you early on?

"Much like many of the fortunate women I know, I have been lucky enough throughout my years to have been encircled by a potent net of supportive women. I have been empowered by my mother, my aunts, my sister and my cousins since I was a young child. I have been uplifted by the unshakable lifelong friendships with girls who have grown into women, women who have grown into mothers - the people who have shaped me in almost every way, and to who the descriptor 'family' seems to fit much better than simply 'friend'. My girls are the reason I feel safe enough to be exactly who I am, with no filter.


Two women particularly come to mind this IWD, however;

Su Tuttle - the founder of Nimbus Co to you - but to me, she is a friend who I met later in life, when we both opened the doors to our businesses within months of each other. We quickly grew close by bracing each other through the trials and tribulations of owning a self-run business. We became each other's sounding boards when the exhaustion felt almost too overwhelming to contemplate continuing, and a proud hype girl to the other every time a hard earnt milestone or success came around the bend. Su's utter integrity and commitment to remaining generous, kind and ethical in business is something that inspires me every damn day.


The other is a more abstract version of 'woman'. It is my Peachy Fam - the women who join me in owning and running Peaches, the women who walk through our doors every day, the women who religiously take the time to read our posts and cheer us on in any way they can. It sounds cliched, but most weeks I have a moment - either in studio, during a meeting or while reading an email from a beautiful client, when I get goosebumps. The community of women we've managed to attract astounds me, and the only way to describe the way you feel when sitting within it is 'held'. We hold each other up, in good days and bad. And it's bloody beautiful!"


What does equality mean to you?

"Equality means respect. Respecting the rights, opinions and choices of a PERSON, regardless of their sex.


I often use the example of me deciding to keep my last name when I married my soul mate and simply delicious husband, Chris. I've had every reaction - from raised eyebrows, comments about me being a 'scary feminist', to outright questioning (from men) as to why I didn't change it. My answer, to men, when asked, has always been "Would you change your name when you get married?". Usually, the reply is incredulous and accompanied by a shocked and defensive look - "No!". To which I answer "So why would you assume I would change mine?".


My point is, through centuries of what I like to think of as a rather unbalanced, and certainly unfair enforcement of patriarchal values, we've come to think of some of these hangover beliefs and conduct as 'tradition'. Not for much longer - we're breaking the mould and doing what feels right for each unique relationship, marriage or circumstance. And that may very well be taking a fabulous new last name, that you love - but I like to think there is choice somewhere in there, not obligation. Because how can we be equal if there isn't?"


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