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anna mace

GM of Wink Models, and an all round good fun, high vibes, get-shit-done kinda lady, Anna Mace has been our gal crush since we connected in 2018. We sat down with Anna to discuss female empowerment this IWD.

For me, equality boils down

to empathy.

My role model is my boss

(I know, what a kiss ass!)


Who put their sisterly hand down to help you early on?

"Right, so my role model is my boss (I know, what a kiss ass!) I came to know the force known as Taryn Williams, CEO and Founder of WINK Models and due to some pretty unlikely circumstances.


It all started when I met an Aussie bloke on Tinder. He was travelling in New York City (my hometown) and just like that my whole life turned upside down. I was a talent agent at one of the top bi-coastal US agencies but wanted to see what the big wide world had to offer, so I decided to move to Sydney. 


I would never let anyone say “you moved your whole life for a man!?”, so it was important for me to continue my trajectory as one of the most skilled talent agents the game. Naturally, I googled “best talent agencies Australia” and WINK Models was the first result. I sent an email to Taryn, who had been running the industry in Australia for over 10 years at that point. A former model herself, Taryn launched WINK Models in 2007 at the age of 21 and it has since cemented its place as one of Australia’s leading commercial modelling agencies, representing over 650 models Australia wide.


I didn’t think that this Aussie #girlboss would respond to the email at all, but 20 minutes later (on a Sunday in Australia) Taryn had responded. If you know Taryn, you will know that this sort of timely response and hustle makes up her actual DNA. Taryn was about to launch her new business, an emerging talent tech platform called and instantly looped me in for a meeting with a New York based contact.


Taryn and I have been working together for over 3 years. Taryn has mentored me while I've been running WINK Models as the General Manager, teaching me all the important things. Like how the art of resolving a conflict, balancing a P&L and hustling fucking hard all while strapped in a pair of Louboutins. She bestows all of this on to me while running her second business Because of her guidance I've been able to supply top global brands like Sephora, Heineken, Mercedes-Benz, Hermes and Mumm with talent without breaking a sweat (unless I'm working from the beach)."

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What does equality mean to you?

"For me, equality boils down to empathy. No one can be expected to act on behalf of experiences that they have never had. But when people have empathy for other people's experiences, we can have discussions that are productive. When I look at my experience as a woman, equality would mean that men and women would have empathy for each other. If I could ask men to have empathy around certain experience I've had, it would be great to have them understand the stress and worry some women might have in taking that lunch meeting with a male colleague or client (probs don't comment on her body, when she arrives. Just a tip.) I would want the supervisors who praised my tenacity with raises and promotions to know that describing me as a "...very aggressive, I mean, confident young woman" in a meeting (yep, that really happened) was pretty shit. We're definitely moving in the right direction, and if everyone comes to the table with a bit of empathy we can keep moving that way."