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Founder of the wildly successful Vida Glow, Anna is one of the most inspiring women we know. From humble beginnings, this business mogul is also a mother to three beautiful children, all under three! We sat down with Anna to discuss female empowerment this IWD.

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I didn't have one mentor, or role model. I have had a village of women.

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Equality to me means acknowledgement.


Who put their sisterly hand down to help you early on?

"We started Vida Glow because of the personal results I had experienced with collagen supplementation, it sparked an idea. We took a huge leap of faith.


I felt supported by my boss at the time, Fay, who I worked with in the rag trade. I had discussed what my vision was, and she supported me wholeheartedly. I stayed back after work with Amy one of the graphic designers who worked with me, and together we designed the look and feel of our packaging and website. Fay knew we were doing this, she was proud of us and often gave us a bottle of wine to enjoy whilst we worked late at night.


I was obviously so excited and shared the idea of Vida Glow with my close group of girlfriends, they supported me completely and encouraged me to keep going when I had doubts.


And, finally my mum and sister. Who believed in me, and continue to believe in me every day. My mother, Rose, and sister Flora have helped me with everything. They are my role models. Juggling the reality of three children under three, whilst staying across the business is hard. Even though I am fortunate to have help, sometimes I feel as if I'm just staying afloat. My mum is always there for me, she guides me and honestly, she is the BEST grandmother. Flora is my sounding board, a great listener, and together the two of them allow me to continue work because of the tremendous amount of support they give, especially to my little ones. They're like mothers to my children, and they instantly shove away any of my 'mothers guilt' when it creeps in. We as a family are so blessed to have them.


I didn't have one mentor, or role model. I have had a village of women, and my husband, who have uplifted me from the beginning of our Vida Glow journey and I've been lucky to meet so many more women who I feel have my back."


What does equality mean to you?

Equality to me means acknowledgement. I feel acknowledged by my staff, they understand the realities of having a two year old, a one year old and a newborn. They know I can't be in the office everyday, or attend every meeting and together we have managed a new way of working. Culture is very important to me, and as a growing team, with a significant majority of females, Kieran and I strive to always acknowledge the incredible people who help us to build our business. 


The way you treat people, how you make them feel, is everything. When I feel acknowledged I thrive. So my goal is to always give this in return.