January 24, 2023

One Mama Midwife Antenatal Classes

Forget traditional birthing classes where you fall asleep sitting behind a desk all day!! The One Mama Midwife Antenatal Classes are “fun, interactive and informative birth and parenting classes full of all the information, tips and tricks you actually need”!!

These classes are run by Endorsed Midwife and mum of 4, Lauren Brenton. So, you can have confidence that the information is evidence based and works. Plus, you’ll learn lots of industry tips and tricks along the way. You will learn everything there is to know about labour, birth, breastfeeding and the first 6 weeks with your baby. Including: what is labour, how to get yourself into labour, stages of labour, when to call the hospital, how to work with the pain of labour (not against it), labour and birth positions, pain relief options, how to be a supportive birth partner, induction of labour, instrumental births, caesarean births, what happens after birth, what to expect in the postpartum period, baby care (swaddling, nappies, burping, bathing), SIDS, breastfeeding and so much more!!

Each class goes for 6 hours, which gives enough time to go through everything you need to know as well as having time for lots of questions. Lunch and afternoon tea are catered for, feel free to bring your coffee with you in the morning or duck out to grab one at any point. Each couple will get a goodie bag filled with lots of freebies, delicious treats and exclusive discounts.

You will leave the classes feeling empowered, excited and equipped with all of the tools that you need to have an amazing birth experience!!

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