Peaches Pilates

Our signature class! You haven't tried Pilates until you've done it Peaches Style. Every Peaches Pilates class has a strong focus on the booty and the waist - expect upbeat tunes like old school hip hop, high reps for muscle sculpting and NO BORING PILATES!


Boxing - the ultimate class to help you SHRED! Our classes use the Boxilates method - which combines the lengthening and strengthening elements of Pilates with the 'I just wanna hit something' benefits of boxing. As our founder, Tori, says - boxing is cardio without realising you're doing it!


Designed for sculpting long, lean muscles - just like a dancer. Our barre classes at Peaches aren't overly 'dancy', so don't worry if you're not feeling very co-ordinated. Just be ready for those thighs to SHAKE!


A circuit based class for resistance training. Using weights during exercise is essential for building muscle and getting results, FAST! Try this slower-paced class that is all about technique and creating, strong, toned muscles without the bulk.

Yoga & Meditation

A chance to find your inner Zen during the busy working weeks. Join us for heavenly Yin and Vinyasa Flow classes and tick off some self-care! Be sure to select a class that ends with a meditation for extra tranquillity points!


Our famed circuits - Booty Camp and Monster Abs - deliver a targeted workout focusing entirely on one muscle group. Try Booty Camp for your best Peach yet, or Monster Abs to harness the power of your 'flat tummy muscle' - the Transverse Abdominis! 


At Peaches, Pilates principles are at the core of every workout. Meaning results, not injuries. 

We believe in variety, resistance and repetition - and offer a schedule based on Total Body Toning.


Peaches in your one-stop shop - join us for Pilates, boxing, barre, yoga, circuits, resistance training and more! 



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