The VSP was born out of Peaches Founder Tori’s desire to give back. As a small business owner, she found herself in a position many of us can relate to - being funds and time poor, but still wanting to help out those who are less fortunate. Tori wanted to find a way for our clients to become involved in a community project that was accessible, enjoyable and scalable - and it dawned upon her that there is something that almost every household in the country has: Bread, butter and Vegemite.

The humble Vegemite sandwich is a small meal that is not only easily made and donated, but is transportable and designed to last. It’s something someone in need may choose to take with them for later, rather than a hot or cold meal which needs to be consumed then and there.

Every 'sandwich haul', we simply ask our clients to bring in a Vegemite sandwich to class, and from there we deliver them to Will2Live - a non-religious charity that services all those in need. The success of the project so far has been overwhelming - with locals unrelated to the business helping out, as well as those from other businesses and even the prestigious Cranbrook Boarding school getting their students involved.


One sandwich is a small gesture, but collectively we have fed hundreds of deserving people on a regular basis.

Almost everyone can spare the time and materials it takes to donate a Vegemite sandwich - would you like to be involved?


A Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous support to a mother and her partner before, during, and after birth. Doula comes from the Greek word that means “a woman who serves”. 

Peaches Founder, Tori underwent comprehensive training with the Australian Doula College. 

The role of a doula includes, but is not limited to:


  • Emotional support Physical Support Preparation for birth and baby

  • Aiding in creating a birth plan, and educating new parents about hospital procedures, what to expect, and what their rights are.

  • Comfort measures: breathing, relaxation, meditation, movement, positioning, massage and aromatherapy.

  • Continuous reassurance and comfort for the mother (the key word is continuous—a doula never leaves a mother’s side)

  •  Advocate for mothers and partners – helps facilitate communication between parent(s) and care providers Support for partners this is not to be underestimated as labour is a very long and emotional journey for all involved.

  • Post-natal care – help with breast feeding, settling baby, and emotional/debriefing support post birth. Sometimes this also means merely watching bub – providing mum the chance to shower/rest/eat.



WHAT: Our annual Peaches Bondi - Peaches Maroubra coastal walk to raise awareness and money for the WLS Foundation.


WHY: On average, one woman a week dies in our country from domestic violence. We want to take a stand. WLS Provides free specialist legal services relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, family law, victims support, child protection and more.


WHEN: The very first PEACHES2PEACHES kicked off on Sunday the 3rd of March, and was a great success! We sold over 160 tickets and all profits were directed to the WLS.


Stay tuned for next year, Peachies!