January 24, 2023

Boxing Is Back!!!

We are thrilled to announce our Boxing Burn classes are back on the schedule – so get ready to sweat. After a hiatus due to covid and then due to.. too many things happening… we have been desperate to bring the boxing burn back to our Bondi and Maroubra studios.

About the class:

The ultimate stress reliever, and cardio in disguise. Have a laugh, get a sweat on, and build your coordination skills all at once with our Boxing Burn. This class uses basic boxing techniques to give you a killer workout, and throws in some Pilates while you recover for good measure.

You’ll box with a partner using pads and gloves, and beginners are so very welcome. With consistency, you’ll feel like Rocky in a matter of weeks and notice results that will have you running back for more.

What you need to know:

  • You are not going to get punched in the head. These classes are suitable for total boxing beginners or anyone with boxing experience that wants to get a sweat on. If you’re looking for pro level sparring this probably isn’t your jam.
  • We use boxing gloves and shadow pads (pads on your hands) so you can partner up with a fellow Peach and punch away.
  • All our boxing instructors are fully trained through Boxilates and ready to put you to work.

We do require everyone to wear boxing inner gloves for hygiene purposes. These can be purchased in the studio for $10 or you can BYO if you already have them. And before you ask hopefully – no, we’re not ya mother, so don’t expect us to provide them then wash their wet, soggy remains for you each week 😉

BONDI TIMES: Mondays at 10am and Fridays at 6am.

MAROUBRA TIMES: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm and Thursdays @ 6am OUTDOOR on the stairs down at Maroubra beach.

Get booking because spots are limited!