Dominique Elissa,

Peachy Supermodels

Health and fitness is part of my life, it is my daily medicine. I go to bed excited
to train the next morning.

Harmony Abell,

Peachy Supermodels

I used to exercise because I hated my body and I wanted it to look a certain way. Now, I get my body moving because I love my body and I know that it’s great for my physical, mental & social health!

Jennifer Atilemile,

Peachy Supermodels

You just have to realise that with modelling and generally in life, not everyone is going to like you, and that’s ok.

Anna Lahey,

Founder of Vida Glow

I didn't have one mentor, or role model. I have had a village of women.

Su Tuttle,

Founder of Nimbus Co

In order to have equality there must always be empathy and a genuine respect for all living things. 

Anna Mace,

GM Wink Models

For me, equality boils down to empathy.

Tori Clapham,

Founder of Peaches

My girls are the reason I feel safe enough to be exactly who I am, with no filter.

Bec Chidiac,

Co-Owner of Peaches

Equality is recognising and embracing diversity.

Kat Claughton,

Peaches Cronulla Owner

Perhaps when we have true equality days such as IWD won't need to exist...