PEACHES is a collection of boutique fitness studios offering a wide variety of classes designed for TBT - Total Body Toning. Members of Peaches enjoy treating their bodies to Pilates, Boxing, Barre, Weights, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga and Yin classes.

PEACHES welcomes those of all fitness levels, and is known for specialising in pregnancy and post-natal care.

At PEACHES, we pride ourselves on knowing each student not only by name, but by injury history, number of children, favourite workout - you name it. We're not just a Pilates studio, we're a community of like minded people who love to support each other on their journey to health and happiness.



At Peaches, we incorporate Pilates principles into every class, with a strong focus on core and spinal strength at the forefront of all exercises.


Our aim is to give you a holistic fitness experience, so that you can get the results you want, fast - but with the foundations of Pilates there all the while, to ensure you can remain active and injury-free.


Our style of training is all about pre-hab,

rather than rehab!



Are you pregnant or have you had a baby recently? Let us take care of you.


Peaches is known for it’s specialisation in pre and postnatal care, and we love to see women through their entire journey - from preconception to mums’n’bubs classes.


With our Founder Tori also working as a Doula, we are hugely passionate about ensuring women are empowered during this special time. 



Peaches really is more than just a ‘gym’. We love being involved in the community, and have a clear goal to ensure our clients are left feeling healthy and happy - mind, body and soul.


Our sold-out events and retreats are the perfect reflection of our belief in wellness via balance - with a focus on self-love, and self-care. We host regular workshops in our studios, offering insights into anything from meditation to nutrition. 


Our mission to give back to the community is embodied in the Vegemite Sandwich Project and Peaches2Peaches annual walk - where we help to feed and clothe Sydney's homeless, as well as support victims of domestic abuse. 


Laura Menzies,

Peaches Member

Never have I been so toned or felt this good about my body. Peaches completely revolutionized the way I thought about exercise, I no longer dread working out & actually enjoy it! Seeing amazing results is just an added bonus. Peaches has given me the gift of self-love & body confidence. Grateful for the amazing instructors and beautiful community - there's nothing like the Peaches burn!


Gwen Fritz,

Peaches Member


Since starting Peaches I've become a lot more toned, & my posture has improved. But more importantly, I've never felt better mentally! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful community!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.15.00 PM.png

Dominique Pendleton,

Peaches Member

Joining Peaches has not only given me confidence but changed my lifestyle completely. I'm in love with MY body! I'm stronger, fitter & toned in all the right places. My waist & booty are transformed after just 6 months of training. Finding self-confidence is a constant challenge for women, & I can honestly say, Peaches has helped me on my journey to self love. Peaches feels like family!