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Join us for the Peaches Pilates Six Weeks Till Spring Challenge - focusing on creating habits to make you FFA (feel f@cking awesome!). Kicking off on the 26th July, this program is designed around getting the results YOU want. By providing you with a daily calendar to complete over six weeks, we will be with you every step of the way when it comes to acheiving your goals - not just in strength, fitness, and muscle tone, but mental health,

clarity, calm and energy.

This Six Weeks Till Spring Challenge has been designed to provide you with the space to create a bubble of self-love. And FYI, Peach, Self-love is more than just sitting in a bath and telling yourself you accept your thighs. It is the intention to wake up every morning and nourish yourself physically and mentally. We want you to focus on being your best self and then taking care of her! Creating an environment for self-care helps us to feel at peace in our own skin, and encourages us to treat ourselves with kindness and respect; and importantly, it allows us to make decisions that will nourish our health and well-being.


What's Included for only $19.99 / month?

Unlimited access to our expansive library of workouts, recipes, workshops and more.


Six week daily calendar - programmed by our expert trainers, that focuses on building your endurance and strength week by week. 


Fitness challenges for the end of each week. Track your progress by testing your flexibility, cardio and strength abilities - and get a clear indication of how well your hard work is paying off!


Peachy Progress - Before and After Sheet to cover your Physical, Mental and Emotional journey with us.


FFA Booklet - a guide to create habits to #FeelF@ckingAwesome - including: How to establish a morning routine and the importance of NOT overtraining.


Dear Peach Journal - Take time to practice gratitude and putting your thoughts to paper.


Recipes galore!

Plus our ongoing support within the Peaches Community. Join our Facebook group, say hi on insta, and chat with us in the comment section of every workout video.